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What's the big deal?

I have been often asked why I wrote the ordinance.  It is simple.  Things have been building.  Good young men have been making both brave and foolish sacrifices.  Bradley Manning gave up his youth:  He will never again have a chance at a normal life.  Edward Snowden gave up his citizenship and a bright future.  Once he is no longer useful to countries that want to embarrass the United States, he will see no more protection from anyone.  These people and others have been brought to the breaking point where they could not morally continue to remain a part of corrupt organizations and a federal government that seeks only unlimited power.


Whether the White House is occupied by a Democrat or Republican, we have seen actions and decrees that are simply repugnant to the Constitution of this great nation.  In September of 2015, the Federal Government will implement new guidelines extending "Navigable Airspace" all the way down to ground level across America.  This means that anything that travels through or exists within that airspace will fall under a federal jurisdiction.  Forget about States' Rights.  Do you like to shoot? Hunt? Play softball?  Do you want to build a house or barn?  The federal government will control all.  Our federal overseers will rule us and tax all.  We will serve a ruling elite who has already exempted themselves from any laws that they may pass.


I wrote this ordinance in June 2013.  Since that time, the ordinance has made its way into every newspaper in the country.  Add to that, Television, Radio, and the Internet, and it has made its way around the globe.  It has captured the imagination of the American People and beyond.  It is a call to all who love peace and freedom to stand up and resist all those who would trample precious liberty.