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If you don't want your drone to go down, don't fly it in town!!!!!

In September of 2015, the United States federal government will implement new guidelines for the full integration of drones into domestic civilian airspace.  In doing so, something called "navigable airspace" will extend all the way to ground level.  This is a very grave threat.  It means that anything that exists within or travels through "navigable airspace" will fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Federal Government.  There will be no activity in American life that is not then regulated by the Federal Government.  This is an extension of federal power that has no precedent in the history of the United States.  Say goodbye to  shooting sports.  No more hunting.  If you want to build something, you will have to satisfy the federal government regarding any possible regulation they wish to enforce. Even a little league baseball game will fall under the scrutiny of our federal overseers.  There will be no more states' rights or individual sovereignty.  Freedom of speech, religion, etc. will be gone.  Habeas  Corpus?  Forget about it.  Fight back!  Purchase a drone hunting license and display it with pride.  American  Pride!

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